Manual Coil Winding Machine
Manual Coil Winding Machine

Manual Coil Winding Machine

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Manual Coil Winding Machine


- Used for many types of winding applications;

  • Motor repair
  • Large size coil winding
  • Ham radio coils
  • Tesla Coils
  • Speaker or electronic workshops
  • Inductors
  • Tattoo Machines

- Solid cast iron frame

- Mountable Base (mounts to tables, benches or other surfaces)

- Manual reset counter, reads up to 99999

- 2 gear ratios available for fast speed and low speed

  • Fast speed (1:8)
  • Low speed (1:1)
- The gear ratios can be changed from 1:1 to 1:8 by simply changing the fly wheels over
- Smaller fly wheel has a grove so that you may motorize it by adding a drive belt (motorized speed should be kept less then 1000 rpm)
- Winds coils up to 150 mm in diameter
- Coil length should not exceed 100 mm

*This machine is not sold with the wire, it is only used for illustration*